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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

NPC Year End Party 19th November 2011 at NUH. Coverage by MediaCorp Suria channel

The year end Party is our yearly Celebration of Life Party. This year, the title was "We have fought, we have endured and we have won". This is the first time that the party was held at NUH as previously for the past 2 years, it was held at TTSH.

The party was filled with Line dancing, piano recital by Peter, Song presentation by Slyvia and Dave and also Mr. Yip's students at the Jurong West Secondary School. The event was captured on TV and later was featured at the 8p.m Media Corp Suria news channel. Affendi and Said gave testimonies on their experiences and treatments. I was asked about NPC incidence, treatment and  NCIS NPC support group (see photos). We finished off the party with catered and home cooked food (pot-luck style)

I am thankful for the help from my colleagues from Radiotherapy Treatment Center and other departments in organizing the event. The monthly NPC meeting also relies heavily on my staffs support in the background and during the event day itself. They have volunteered their Saturday afternoon (NUH) and Friday night (TTSH) every alternating months to help out. 

Below are some testimonies on the event:

1) Hi Peter/Dr. Choo

Here are my feedback for the Thanksgiving Party last Sat

The programme was done with lots of fun and easy to enjoy events like the karaoke, line-dancing and short sharing. The MC, Sylvia, created a light-hearted and celebratory mood. Time was given to catching up with each other and also making new friends. Great.The lunch was good and many of us brought some food for sharing too.The involvement of some Secondary School students to come and help to set up the place and to entertain us with an item is commendable. Word of thanks to the organisers who not only enabled the event to happen but also donated generously to the lucky-draw prizes. Their enthusiasm was seen beaming in the way they serve.

The goal of this group which is to help the pool of survivors of NPC is indeed a goal worth more support from our governmental agencies.  

My appreciation and thanks to all organisers…..


2) Hi Peter/Dr. Choo

The theme ‘Celebration of Life’ was appropriate because every extra year as a survivor is something to be thankful for. The programme also put in perspective the role of the caregiver, without them, the journey for the cancer patients would be difficult. It was a platform for survivals to encourage one another into a positive lifestyle and also provided a network for them to meet both emotional and physical needs.  The party is a culmination of the year’s events of talks and forum, something which I have benefited tremendously even as a caregiver.  Apart from the professional teachings, interaction with fellow survivors gives insight to practical tips which are impossible during visits at the doctors’ clinics.The atmosphere and setting was relaxed and ideal for a party for people who know each other. 

YYKwong (caregiver) – wife of RY, 1 year NPC survivor

3) Hi, Peter,

Carol and I would like to thank you, and the other organizers, for arranging a thoroughly enjoyable Celebration of Life party for the support group last Saturday, the 19th.

A Celebration, indeed. The survivors' enthusiastic participation in learning and practicing line dancing, and joining in the karaoke renditions of life-affirming songs, was both fun and inspirational.  Seeing people who a short time ago were in danger of not seeing another year of life laughing and having a good time was a joy.

It was particularly enjoyable to discover the talents of our own members: performing on the piano and singing with "Singapore Idol" skill and verve.  We could have our own talent show!

Along with such nourishment for the soul, the nourishment for the body that was contributed by the members, as well as the Oral-7 sponsor was happily devoured by all. 

It was great, also, to see the participation by many of the healthcare workers -- doctors, nurses and staff -- who were so instrumental in the survivors being able to participate.  Healing is best done as a team effort, and it was great to see that continue long after treatment. After all, the long-term recovery process needs to be part and parcel of a patent's "treatment".
 So... thanks again, Peter, Dr.Choo and team, for a well-organized and fun Celebration of Life.

Richard Gascoigne (caregiver) & Carol Moosdeen
(2 year old NPC cancer survivor)

4) Dear Peter/ Dr. Choo

I feel the party went on rather well.

Sylvia was awesome in her engaging the participants. She really got everyone
moving in the line-dancing segment - moving their feet, butts, or frantic clapping and arm waving. Not forgetting the beautiful duet with Dave.

Yip and the JWSS students added a zest and young feel to the party, with their acrobatic dancing.

NUH staff put tremendous efforts to ensure a successful event. This is over and above their regular duties at work. Kudos to them.

Thanks must also be expressed to those who contributed prizes for the luck draw, and food at the potluck. There was so much food.


5) I think it gets better every year.
The best party ever.

Yip KG

6) Personally, it is gratifying to note that at every support meeting, there are lot of affirmation, handshakes, hugs and advice among members. I guess this is what make the support group special - these lovely and vivid memories of members smiling, dancing, personal sharings of their struggles, no pretentions , just candidly baring out their hearts with tears about their fears.....and shoulder to lean on. Thanking you all for these lovely and vivid memories which will etched in the hearts of the Exco. On the point of support, on e of the greatest supporters of the npconeheart suppport group are the onco staff of the NUHS and TTSH. They have been quietly providing the logistical, administrative support and whatever help for the group. Kudos to them for all invaluable help. 

Thanking all of you (including the staff) for rekindling the light in all of us. 

Peter Tang

7) Hi Yvonne and all, Gd morning! 

I agree that it was a great party. From Peter's very professional piano recital to Sylvia's superb opera-class singing and the volunteer KOK singers, the students/line dancers the testimonials sharing, we were just overwhelmed by the many who stepped forward just to share the moment, be it joy, happiness or personal experience.  

Many Thks to so many of u and family members/loved ones and so many NUH staff led by Dr Choo, whom I can't list all in the email, and 1 - Rose, even turned up with her family - big and small as well, just to support us. What more can I say, words just cannot describe the good feeling of not fighting this disease alone, and all of u around who care and show concern for us survivors. This is my 'fortune', better than striking 4D/Toto!

With hope, we shall continue to live life to the fullest everyday, and as Peter puts it, we celebrate another year in life and our pursuit of hope, and we are grateful that we made it another year. Let's continue to believe in ourselves and make it happen for all.

Just want to share this lyrics from a Media Corp Chinese Drama - 出路, Theme Song back in 1998 - 我吃的起苦 - “走出去就有路,寻见到就有福,。。。. The story is about our ancestors who migrated from China in the late 1800s and early 1900s to 'Nanyang' or Singapore, to make a living for themselves and family, in the harshest environment both politically and economically. We, Cancer survivors/patients are just like these new migrants back then when life was so uncertain and future was not even imaginable, and yet they made it, thru perseverence, discipline, and the never-give-up spirit. They broke out of their mould to venture overseas to take the challenge, to find a way out so that life can be better for themselves and their children. This song lyrics is so well written and the tune is so 'power-pact', that it instills a powerful strength in me that we can do it, starting anew with a new lease of life, with the right spirit and attitude, just like our ancestors. I'll make sure that we hv this song listed on our get-together KOK next time.       



8) The Staff Lounge is a nice venue for the Party.  The Caregivers appreciation was meaningful and well organised.  Sylvia was super MC and the duet with Dave was great.  Rusia also added onto the fun.  We had a good range of participation/appeal - new generation (JWSS) and oldies (opera singing).  Also multi-racial, with Rusia singing a Chinese song.  We really achieved a time of Hang Loose and Have FUN. 
Also thanks to all who worked behind the scenes which might have gone un-noticed.  To J (Moses wife) and two lovely daughters, N and A.  One of whom got univ. exams today, but took precious time off to help out at the registration counter, when she could have spent time at home studying for her exams.  Their kind assistance helped free me to concentrate on the Lucky Draw and Pot Luck. 
To Peter, for the many hours of doing up the powerpoint and phonecalls to the survivors/caregivers personally besides sending emails as reminders. 
Banner - Celebration of Life Party 2011
We have fought, we have endured and we have won

Line dancing

Media Corp Suria interview

Media Corp Suria interview

Dave and Slyvia (MC) 

Peter on the piano

Dr. Choo playing the guitar
Group photos

Staffs and volunteers

Listening to talk

Our "Birthday" cake

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