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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Using Chinese herbs to manage the side effects of radiation therapy

Dear Members

The NPC One Heart exco committee is happy to announce that the February month talk will be on "Using Chinese Herbs to manage the side effects of Radiation Therapy". Every year TCM is a favourite topic of the members as evidenced by the numerous questions and attendance at previous talks. There many in our group too who are seeing a TCM practitioner even years after completing their treatment,. 

Members will be delighted to know that the speaker is from Eu Yan San which is reputable for premium Chinese medicinal herbs and top notch TCM Physician . Our support group is thankful to  Eu Yan San for giving this privilege to our members. The speaker will not be sharing the clinical aspect of the illness but the using of TCM Herbs to manage the side effects.  She will also be answering members’ questions after the talk. I am sure the staff from nuh and ttsh will be interested too as these are the questions that the patients often asked them.  

The speaker is  Dr Tang Yue . She graduated from Nanjin University of TCM with a Ph.D in integrated ( Traditional Chinese and Western ) Medicine as well as a Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Shanghai University of TCM ( China ) She is a registered TCM physician and acupuncturist with more than 15 years of clinical practise. Her special areas of interest include acupuncture for various eye conditions, pain management , cancer management insomnia as well as beauty and wellness.

The meeting will starts at 2pm with several survivors sharing about their TCM experiences . The Speaker will come after her clinic hours on Saturday . The talk will begin at 3pm .

Dear Members if you have any other questions please do email me so that I can forward to Dr Tang Yue for her to answer them . This way the talk will be more relevant to your needs .

The talk will be in Mandarin with a translator.

Mr. Peter Tang
NPC cancer survivor
Volunteer/ Chair in NPC One Heart Support Group


  1. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?




    1. Thanks for your sharing and encouragement which is now published in a separate session.

  2. My name is Bryan Haught, 30yrs old from USA and I am a survivor of NPC since 2004. However, life hasnt been easy at all, I still live off a feeding tube, PEG tube, in my abdomen as my only source of nutrient, I still cant eat or drink by mouth. I choke on food or liquid if I try to eatvor drink by mouth which have caused me to aspirate into my lungs causing Pneumonia several times. I suffer from severe TMJ, have limited movement in my neck and shoulders due to the damage the radiation caused. I have been searching all over for some help, to help improve my life in some way, not looking for a miracle just for some help, guidance, advice, etc. I was told that NPC is very common in Asia. Do you have any help or resources I might benefit from? I have also been saving up money just in case I find a Dr that might be able to help me anywhere I will travel across the world if it could possible help me in some way. Please send me an email at I was so excited to find your page/blog but read that your from Singapore and I am all the way in the USA.

    Please email me at with some helpful info about new procedures, therapies, surgeries, clinical trails, resources, etc. I look forward to your reply.

    Or anybody who might have some info for me or share there story with me and I will share my story.

    1. Hi Bryan.

      I am sorry to hear about your side effects of needing a PEG tube. You have developed all the possible side effects of radiation treatment.

      Please look at some of my write ups on TMJ and swallowing exercises on separate headings. I am sure you have seen the Speech and Swallowing specialist and they would have done a contrast swallowing test and a nasoendoscope to look at your swallowing ability.

      For your neck an shoulder, you would probably have seen the physiotherapist as well for exercises. Remember to put moisturiser daily to soften the skin and soft tissues as failure to do so, will cause the neck to harden and the skin to be very dry and itchy. A moisturiser with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Zinc usually is good.

      I have emailed you separately earlier with more detail descriptions of possible ways to get help at other centers in the US.


      Dr. Choo
      Medical Adviser

  3. Over 20 people attended the talk. The speaker is knowledgable and provided good explanation on how to use TCM during and after Radiotherapy treatment. She also spent time to explain a series of questions from the audience. We would like to appreciate her for spending time with us and closing her clinic on Saturday to come to give the talk. A special thank you to Eu Yang Sang for working together with us to make this talk possible.


  4. Hi. My dad has been diagnosed with NPC and due to start chemo and radiotherapy next week. Could anyone share with me how to reduce the side effect? ESP using Chinese herbs.
    Thank you .


    1. Hi Chee Tang,

      Do come to the NPC Support Group meeting on the 17 August at National University Hospital between 1.30-4.30p.m to listen to the talk on NPC treatments and side effects by Dr. Francis Ho.

      Your dad may have completely treatment by now. He would have lose a lot of weight too. There will be cancer survivor during the meeting who can share with your their experiences especially on how to get back to normal lives.

      Dr. Choo