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Sunday, 24 February 2013

March 1st 2013 group sharing session

This week, we are having a bonding session. 

For cancer survivors, they may go through three phases :

Living with Cancer – refers to the experience of receiving a cancer diagnosis and treatment that follows.

Living through cancer – refers to the period following treatment in which the patients are at risk of a recurrence of their cancer .

Living beyond Cancer – refers to post long term survivorship .

As a survivor we understand that many times walking the post cancer journey can be a long and hard road  . It can be  confusing , frustrating, scary and inundating . There are many questions and decisions that you face and you wonder how to navigate across .   This is especially true for those who have recently finished their treatment whose bodies are overwhelmed with so many side effects   .A survivor confessed :

It was only when treatment ended . . .that the full impact of what had happened hit me. I felt cut adrift. There is an expectation that when you walk out of hospital on that final day of treatment, your cancer story has ended, but the reality is that in many ways you story is only just beginning. . . ” 

For most the  QUIET that doesn’t come after a Storm

The exco fully understands that the post cancer story is only just beginning …. cos we are still living out this story and  successfully too. . So the evening on the  1st march is set aside for us to walk and partner with you in this journey . Its called an Evening of Inspiration , Triumph and Hope . 

Why are we doing this  ?

We are doing this for all head and neck patients , survivors and family members  who need the emotional support at this time.
We are doing this to be your companion to the lost and who are alone in this journey
We are doing this because this is one story that that is not told when you going through  the first and second phases of Cancer
Lastly We are doing this because we CARE.

To the dear Onco staff of Nuhs and Ttsh please do ask the head and neck patients to join us on the 1st of March. Details are in the attachment.

It will be an evening of Pot Luck too where survivors will bring their food ( either personally  prepared , cooked or bought but not certainly  mandatory ) to be share among ourselves.

If you have a story to tell , a recipe to share , a specific lifestyle to enlighten and the food that you are bringing please let us know. 

 Dear Members in your journey if any of you need to re build , re calibrate , re charge please do join us.

From stage 4 survivor to 20 year survivor, every one of them are living out their story successfully and….. enjoying the QUIET after the Storm . Come and be inspired by their stories of Hope and Victory .

Let me end with this.

Recalling one Charlie brown cartoon script : Lucy remarked :” I am making a list of all the things that I have learned in life …. Well actually I am making two lists .” Charlie enquired “ Why is one list longer than the other ” To which Lucy replied “ These are things I have learned the hard way “

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