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Saturday, 1 June 2013

NPC June 2013 meeting

Dear Members

20 years after treatment I had an extraction of my right molar tooth this month . A test confirmed that the nerves below the tooth were dead and and xray exposed  a crack at the base of the tooth and was advised to have the tooth removed. My Dental Doctor next suggested to have me refer for further treatment.

For all head and neck survivors and patients the management or Oral hygiene is of paramount important because there are common oral problems occurring after radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment . Some of these problems include : “mucositis (an inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth), infection, pain, and bleeding. Dehydration and malnutrition, commonly brought on by difficulties in swallowing (dysphagia). injuring the glands that produce saliva, or damage  muscles and joints of the jaw and neck (trismus),  reduction in blood vessels and blood supply of the bones of the mouth. In addition, treatments may affect other forms of dental disease (caries, or soft tissue complications), or even cause bone death

An internet article (revised) explained it succinctly  :

“ … Radiation treatment for head and neck tumors can cause reduction in normal tissue blood flow and a variety of side effects. The mucous membranes of the mouth and salivary glands are especially sensitive. The damage to these tissues and glands can varies,  depending on the amount and kind of radiation used (IMRT is usually least damaging compared to the conventional 3D conformal technique), the total dose, and the area irradiated. Damage caused by radiation therapy can be life long. It is of great importance that the patient's dentist is aware and educated in the issues regarding radiation therapy. The special dental considerations surrounding post-treatment care last forever. “

The last sentence that “  post treatment oral care last forever”  is not something that all of us will like take lightly.

The coming talk “ Management of Oral Hygeine of Head and Neck Survivors “ is an important talk for all of us . And even though I have attended the talk  many times, I have always learnt new points and for the  new oral  problems that I am experiencing that I would seek medical advice for the speaker. Dr Shawn Goh was invited again because from the feedback received most of those who have attended have benefited much.  Sales Representatives from Oral 7 will be sharing about  their various  products and how they will be able to assist us in the management of oral hygiene problems.

The details of the talk at in the attachment above.

There will be survivors who will be sharing about their post cancer journey  Please register with me early for the talk.

Peter Tang or


  1. I am post treatment since December and I live in the states. I would love someone to talk to who actually has had the same cancer and treatment. Everyone here is great but I would love to hear from people who can understand and relate.


  2. Hi Sondra. You can email directly to and your email will then be send to some of the cancer survivors. It will be helpful if you can give more details about yourself, the stage of your cancer and your previous treatments in order to match the profile of the cancer survivors that will be in contact with you.

    There are a group of cancer survivors who can reply your email personally to share their experiences with you. Some of the cancer survivors had their cancer treatments more than 20 years ago and they are in the NPC befriender's group. Their noble mission is to help newly diagnosed patients to go through the tough time of coping with cancer diagnosis and treatment during their 1st year of diagnosis. Many of the cancer survivors have locally advance stage 3 and 4 and they are alive today to tell their stories.