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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Breaking the fear factor in cancer

A lot of my patients have fear. It is undoubtedly so since there is so much negative publicity about cancer and its treatments. Cancer can be life threatening. Cancer treatments have a high frequency of side effects and are damaging in its own ways. The time when being newly diagnosed with cancer is probably the most difficult period of time in a person's life. Many will shed tears, felt numb and alone and for the first time face their own mortality. It is very scary. It may be their breaking point. 

For these reasons, I have chosen the topic of "Breaking the Fear Factor in Cancer" to be the theme of our annual public forum. The fear in cancer does not help in the recovery or the fight against cancer. On the contrary, it cripples and destroys any hope of surviving cancer. In many instances, cancer can still be cured. It is not always terminal. I purposefully chosen 5 important talks to provide education to the public, to raise awareness and to give hope. The questions asked as illustrated by the titles of the talks are very real. I heard them before and they echoes in my daily life as an oncologist, being repeated frequently by my patients. 

On the second part of the forum, I am bringing up 5 cancer survivors and caregivers on stage with me to talk about their cancer journeys. It will be a casual interview. They are real patients previously who had battled against cancer in the past few years. Their stories will reflect how when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Come and listen to them as they share from their hearts. It is very personal and brave for them to come up on stage in front of 300 people to talk about the most difficult time of their lives. Don't miss this opportunity. 

See all of you next Sunday - 22 September between 130pm-5pm. Register now if you have not done so. As of today, we have only about 80 seats left. It is free. Refreshment and goodie bags provided. There will be questions and answers time to you to post questions to our speakers during the session. 

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Dr. Choo Bok Ai
Medical Adviser of NPC OneHeart Support Group
Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Assistant Professor in Medicine
Organiser of "Breaking the Fear Factor in Cancer" 2013 Public Forum.

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