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Sunday, 20 November 2011

2012 Program (January - June )

7 January  (NUH) :  Nutrition - Balancing your food choices before, during and after treatment
(Live demonstration)  - Talk by Dietition

3 February  (TTSH)  : Side effects of Head and Neck Cancer treatments - An Overview - Talk by Oncologist

3 March  ( NUH) : Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene (Useful tips) - Talk by Dentist

13 April  (TTSH) : Swallowing and Voice changes after treatment - Treatment and Exercises - Talk conducted by  Speech and Swallowing Therapist

12 May  (NUH) :  Traditional Chinese Medicine : Use of TCM in managing side effects of treatments - Talk by Registered TCM Physician

1 June   (TTSH) : Physiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer post radiotherapy (Live demonstration) - Talk and demonstration by Senior Physiotherapist

Talks are subjected to changes depending on speaker availability.

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