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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

NHG Patient Exemplary Award 2011

Peter Tang is the founder and leader of the NUH (National University Hospital) and TTSH (Tan Tock Seng Hospital ) support groups as part of NCIS (National Cancer Institute Singapore).

It is my delight to announce to you that Mr. Peter Tang won the National Health Group hospitals Exemplary Patient Award 2011.  There are 3 winners in total.

The Award is given to recognize individuals who have contributed significantly to helping other patients on a volunteer basis out of goodness of heart.  In Peter’s case, he has started the 3 NPC support groups in Singapore and has been consistent in steering the NUH and TTSH support groups every month. He has indeed gone the extra mile for the past few years and his work is now being formally recognized.

He received the award from the CEO of the NHG on the 30 September in a special NHG Quality Day Ceremony. NHG Quality Day is a day to recognize other medical and non medical personnel as well who have make a difference in running of the NHG group hospitals that comprises Tan Tock Seng hospital, National Skin Centre, National Health Group Polyclinics, NHG Diagnostics, Institute of Mental Health, National Health Eye Institute, John Hopkins Cancer Centre and a few others with a total of 9000 staffs.

Here is the newspaper abstract published in the Singapore New Straits Times on the 1st October 2011

Nominated and supported by Dr. Choo Bok Ai, Medical Adviser of NPC support group

Peter's reply:

As I sat down today to ponder how to write My thank you letter I realised that this is not just common courtesy but from-a-heart THANKS to all of you. Kind of overwhelmed  by the  congratulatory emails that I have received .

This congratulatory email  from Yian Ma ( below )  puts in perspective the winning of the award that besides the individual effort there is foremost the  team effort which adds more effort and value to the work of the NPC group and hence makes it more efficient .
Congratulations! Well Done! You truly...truly deserve the National Health Group hospitals Exemplary Patient Award 2011, which is nominated by Dr. Choo Bok Ai. Meanwhile, my heartfelt thanks to all other exco members - Dave, Yip, Slyvia, Moses who have come forward on a voluntary basis to make each & every NPC Support Group Event a successful one. Keep up the good work - Yian Ma

I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to the  exco volunteers and the Nuhs/Ttsh staff and doctors for the co ordinations, brainstorming of issues , sharing of knowledge and also sacrificing of time after work to provide the  admin and log support for the  npconeheart group.

The npc support committee,  staff and doctors strongly believe that  given time and effort every members who join the npc support group can be as productive, useful , whole and happy person as you were before cancer ( or even much more )

It’s a privilege for the exco to be part  of a Nuhs/Ttsh team of Dr Lee and  Dr Choo .

Thanking all the survivors and caregivers for being part of this support group

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