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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Surviving Head and Neck Cancer - NCIS Public Forum 2012

It is with great pleasure this year that NCIS is  able to hold a public forum on September 16 in association with Singapore Cancer Society.

Synopsis: Public Forum in Head and Neck Cancers

September is the Head and Neck Cancer Awareness month in Singapore. Over the last few years, there has been advancement in the understanding of the causes and biology of the cancers and the effect on subsequent preventions and treatments. Viruses have been identified, as possible causes of cancers and the mechanism on how this happens will be discussed.  Modern surgical techniques with less invasive approach using robotic arm and successful restoration of voice after surgery are innovative ideas that are now in clinical practice. Alternative to surgery, newer techniques using modern radiotherapy machines and software improves precision targeting of cancer while minimizing the radiation damage to surrounding unaffected tissues. Molecular translational researches have resulted in the availability of new targeted systemic treatments besides chemotherapy in giving new hope to the management of advance head and neck cancers. NCIS believes in the holistic approach to cancer care and quality of life during and after cancer treatments. The NCIS Nasopharyngeal Cancer Support Group has been instrumental in providing supportive care from the Befrienders program that introduces cancer survivors to newly diagnosed patients. These cancer survivors and caregivers will be coming up on stage to share their cancer journeys on surviving head and neck cancers. 

 Come and join the forum. It is free. Refreshment and goodie bags to be given out. 

For more information and registration, please email 


Dr. Choo Bok Ai
Organiser of the 2012 
NCIS Head and Neck Public Forum
Medical Adviser of the NPC One Heart Support Group

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