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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hearing Loss after treatment of NPC- How do we manage it?

Radiotherapy performed near the head and neck often have a common side effect – hearing impairments and other hearing/audio related problems  Several  members in our npc group  are now experiencing hearing difficulties of various degree as a result of the treatment done . 

What are the long and short term implications of this radiotherapy induced ear injuries? Are there better prevention and management measures available for members with this problem ? What about the use of hearing aids and cochlear implants? Will these help? 

What percentages of members suffer from acute middle ear infections, constant ringing in the ears (tinnitus), discharge and in some cases hearing loss? Is  the Eustachian tube damage as the result of the treatment? 

Besides hearing loss,  how about the other function of the ear – balancing.  Is a sense of transient imbalance a side effect too?

The Speaker : Dr Dr Liu Jia Ying

If any of you have concerns of the above please do not MISS this coming meeting. The details of the meeting are in the attachment above. Please email me to confirm your registration

For members who have difficulty opening up the attachment here is a brief info of the talk

Date : 12th October ( Friday )
Topic : Hearing loss . How do We Manage It ?
Speaker : Dr Liu Jia Ying Time : 7 – 9pm
Venue : TTSH Conference Room 1

Peter Tang

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